Thursday, November 29, 2012

Working on some Bags again

 My old handbag has broken and I'm currently toting around everything on a boxy old video camera bag - not easy to juggle when you're trying to hold onto a small child as well.

So I started working back onto a couple of textiles pieces I made more than a year ago when I wanted a new bag. You can read about the design process previous to this here.

It all looks like a little bit of a mess at the moment but I'm thinking of calming it all down with very plain fabric for the rest of the bag. I'm also going to take that burnt orange rose off - it's just pinned in place at the moment.

I stumbled on this tutorial for making tea-stained roses and wanted to try them out on this textiles piece. 

I'm thinking I might add some more sheer fabric over the top to calm it all down a bit and stop the roses from getting caught on things.

I also made a couple of new bags - it's not my own pattern - you can find it here.

The 2 main exterior fabrics on the gold bag were from scraps I bought in charity shops. The bright orange-yellow is one that I've had for years and looks like it's from the 70s. The interior was taken from an old pair of trousers. I'm pleased I found something to do with all the corduroy in my fabric collection as I don't normally use it.

My old Husqvarna Viking might not do anything fancy but it is awesome at sewing through layers of thick fabric.

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