Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stash Control

It's time to get crafting. 

I tried to start a stash burning project (using things up - not actually burning them) last year and it didn't go well - in fact it didn't really go at all and my fabrics got into an even more unorganised state - well apart from the few things I used to make baby stuff.

Last night I organised my fabric stash again - it was in a complete mess and stuffed into lots of different plastic bags and plastic tubs in our good-sized cupboard under the stairs. It was a good reality check - I have a lot of fabric (well, more than I want collecting dust). Most of it is small scraps (enough small scraps to fill one big plastic tub). I,m slightly suspicious there might be more hidden in boxes somewhere.

I was thinking, whilst organising, that it would be nice to just have one fabric box with mostly small scraps that I could make small textiles pieces with. That's probably not that realistic where I'm concerned but it was a nice idea.

I ended up with one box of big pieces of fabric which I don't currently have any plans for. One box full of my dad's old shirts (he had a lot of clothes to get rid of when he recently downsized), one box filled with scraps, one huge bag full of fabrics I want to either use in weaving projects or experimental spinning projects, one big bag of neutral-coloured fabrics that I wanted to make into a quilt and another big bag of fabric to make my own version of this Montessori fabric sensory box.

Then of course there is all my textiles work that is still at my mum's house and the big box of fabric in my M-i-l's garage.

I've been doing a lot of craft supply buying at charity shops recently so that has to change! I thought I'd remind myself of what I've bought here so that I don't forget and go nuts getting more stuff.

I bought a lot of fabric and some cotton yarn (someone's old project) in our parish charity shop recently. All that fabric was £1! Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet though. A lot of it is like the thin synthetic lining fabric - excellent for melting!

The cotton yarn:

More fabric from a different charity shop - this will be great for the sensory fabric box I'm going to make as it's really thick textured furnishing fabric. I also got this huge lot of nylon/acrylic yarn that looks like it's from the 70s - it's kind of nasty but I love it in free range knitting.

Some more yarn from a recent charity shopping trip. I thought the white was 100% acrylic but when I opened it I found it was 60% wool - should make a nice hat. The green is this mass of beautiful stuff that looks like it might be silk.

And this collection wasn't from a charity shop but an awesome little shop in my local town - Wellington - called Artfully Made. I bought banana fibre, silk fibre and nylon tops. I think these would look great layered up in textiles pieces or spun into art yarn.

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