Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Plastics for Stitch

I’ve been doing a few crafty things in the almost-year that I haven’t posted here. Hopefully I’ll get around to updating this blog with them all soon.

Life has changed a lot (in a good way) and I’m enjoying experimenting again with drawing, painting, a little sewing etc.

I recently made this lens about upcycling plastics for craft. A lot of the experiments were melted - but with an iron rather than a heat gun.

Here are a couple of my plastic experiments:

This fish looks kind of cheesy but I think there's some great potential for stitched projects here, especially if more work was done on adding individual scales and making it look a whole lot less cartoonish. He reminds me a lot of the Three Little Fishes piece I made years ago.

This was just some clear plastic bag with heavier plastic pieces added inside. Again, this is something that I think would look great with a bit more work - a lot of stitch for example.

I didn’t really touch on stitch but I’m inspired after reading Surfaces for Stitch by Gwen Hedley (one of those gorgeous Batsford books which I’ve had for years) and was inspired by some of the ideas in there for using plastic bags – stitched motif pieces and patches with suspended fragments. 

Must get a new sewing machine soon. I still only have my trusty straight-line sewing Husqvarna. 

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