Monday, July 18, 2011

It's been a long time since I was here and a long time since I've posted any info about my textiles work online.

I've finally moved into a new home and I've started working on a few bits and pieces so I thought I'd share what I've been up to lately.

Finished Patchy Blanket
I recently finished off a patched blanket that I started last year.

All I did was dug a half-embroidered table cloth out of my fabric collection.

The cloth was the perfect size to back the patched blanket and to create a bound edge (with a little fiddliness at the corners!).

Picture 100My mum started embroidering the cloth years ago - it might even be older than me.

Neither of us are much into hand embroidery anymore and I'm guessing we'd never be able to find the right colours again so I don't feel too bad about using it as a backing.

I figure it might need a few patches to hide some small stains but at the moment I'm considering it finished and ready to throw over the sofa (when the sofa arrives!).

My Patched Blanket was originally part of this challenge and I'm pleased to say I can finally scrub it off my Unfinished Projects list!

Picture 106This weekend I bought some supplies to make myself a changing bag and some really soft flannel to make sheets for a Moses basket.

I'm hoping they'll be enough flannel left to make some wipes and general cloths etc too.

I was intending to get some dark fabric for the changing bag but I fell in love with that print.

Picture 107I'm planning on using the bag as a project to sharpen up my construction skills a bit.

I'm planning on making lots of pockets for all the junk I'm going to have to tote around as a new mum!

I'm considering making some sort of complementary textiles patch based on the print to pop on the bag but not if it's going to look too crazy!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

I’ve been on a mass de-cluttering mission for a while now and that includes digital clutter which is hogging up my hard drive.

My first digital victim was an e-book which desperately needed finishing.

It’s about recycling for textiles and I started it years ago – before I moved into the house I’m currently living in – so that’s got to be way more than 3 years old!

For one reason or another that e-book kept getting sidetracked whilst I worked on something else.

Well, I finally finished it and you can find it in my Lulu store here: Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim (for Textiles)  

 So what's it all about? Well you can find out a lot more here, including seeing some thumbs of the pages.

Most of my textiles work has had some element of recycling in it - due to being quite poor for most of the time I've been sewing I've often recycled clothing and other home furnishings that people have given me for free.

In Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim I've got all sorts of projects including recycling furniture.

It’s been fun going over some of those old projects and rooting out things that needed to be finished for it.

Some projects I never finished and they had to be deleted from the e-book. Some things just don’t work out – something I’ve had to learn to declutter my home.

The images opposite are close ups of a piece made from scraps of fabric and other bits which I salvaged from my studio floor and rolled up into "cocoons". The cocoons were then sprayed gold. Whilst the overall look didn't work for me, I loved the idea and these close ups look pretty interesting. Plus it was a fun way to tidy up the studio!

Other projects have involved recycling all those little snippets of layered textiles that get cut off from bigger projects like the piece opposite - this was patched together from a large pile of bits and pieces.

Those circular pieces were made for one of my fantastical bags but I ended up making too many - I didn't want to waste them so I decided to use them in this abstract patchwork piece.

I've also got projects for those thread spools (which you accumulate when you do a lot of sewing), packaging (the cardboard from the middle of tape, Tyvek envelopes, bottle tops), wire coathangers (great for making figurines and other structures!) and even socks and bras!