Saturday, September 05, 2009

Newsletter from August 7th

Hi Everyone!

Sorry there was no newsletter last week. I've been away from home, in the South East, recharging my batteries and thinking of lots of new ideas for textiles pieces!


Remember the textiles piece and doodle from my last newsletter? Well, I managed to finish it by hand when I whilst I was on holiday. Here it is:

September and the Leopard of little breezes

In case you can't tell- it's a girl, with her heair over her head, one leg up(without shoe), sat on a giant leopard!

I'm really pleased with the leopard. I'm thinking of producing a few more similar pieces to this one and making them available for sale.

September and the Leopard of little breezes

To see other people's fabulous entries for the Fairyland Museum please visit here:


Whilst I stayed in London for a few days I visited Hampton Court Palace and saw these amazing tapestries- thought you like to have a look at a couple of details:

Hampton Court Tapestry Hampton Court Tapestry

How fabulous are those? I think they're beautiful.


Have a great weekend!

Happy Crafting!


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