Friday, July 10, 2009

Newsletter from July 3rd 2009

Hi Everyone!

I cannot believe it’s Friday again. In fact you almost didn’t get a newsletter because I thought it was Wednesday.

Yesterday I discovered I’d been made a giant squid- which basically means that I have 50 or more great lenses on Squidoo. If you haven’t already checked them out there are a lot of textiles based lenses there where you can find out more about some of the things I’ve made:

So now I can get on with some more textile goodness!


This week I’ve been working on that black and white bag- a bag that’s so thick that I gave up trying to sew it on the machine (don’t want another broken one) and I’ve started hand sewing it with thick cotton yarn and a tapestry needle.

Bag in progress


I got “melty” with my Resolutions wall hanging and added the title:


I’m looking forward to hand stitching into it over the weekend.
Find out more about this project here:


If anyone has any comments about this newsletter and what they’d like to see in it then please either reply to this newsletter or leave me a comment here:


I'm off to see if I'm brave enough to make a short video about my art kits- will post it next week if my little girl's voice doesn't make me cringe too much!

Happy Crafting!


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