Friday, July 17, 2009

Newletter from 10th July

Hi Everyone!

Well that was another week that rushed by.

I've been pretty naughty this week and started a knitting project. I try to limit them because I just end up getting addicted and knitting all the time instead of sewing or writing.

This is a hat which I'm knitting using the fleece I processed myself:

Yum fleece!

Unflattering early morning shot!

It's supposed to felt down although I'm worried it's a little too thick for that- oh well, it's yummy anyway- I'm sure I'll find a use for it if it goes wrong.

I'm using this pattern here:


I finished the black and white bag and it’s waiting to join its owner.

Finished black and white bag


I’ve also been working on a video for my textiles art kits.

I’ve decided I have to split it up into several videos because it was getting so long and also I can show bits of it to you sooner.

Be gentle with me- I was so embarrassed to start talking to myself! The film’s not the best quality because my webcam is 6 years old but I added some photos where I thought you couldn’t see what I was showing you clearly.

Oh and that microphone I was having trouble screwing into my ear? Turns out I don’t even need it! Oh well, we all have to start somewhere!

I'm going to try and add the next part later today, so if you're interested , keep your eyes peeled :)


Have a great weekend!

Happy Crafting!


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