Friday, June 05, 2009

Newsletter from May 29th

Hi Everyone!

I’ve got two of my historical ladies into a state that I’m more than happy with them. I just need to get the other two done. I was hoping to have them all finished before the end of May and I hope I’ll still make that target. I’m in the frame of mind now where I just want to get them finished with and move onto something new and exciting, like that altered umbrella from a couple of weeks ago and the Resolutions wall hanging I showed you a doodle of last week. And oh my goodness, do I ever want to start knitting and spinning again!

Anyway, here are Queen Bess and Marie Antoinette:

Bess done, I think! Marie Antoinette

One of the frustrating things about the way I work is that sometimes you can’t just finish things as quickly as you’d like and move onto the next piece. Sometimes you have to do a bit and then hang it up on the wall and contemplate it for a few days before you can move onto the next bit.

My sewing this week has been greatly aided by Neil Gaiman’s reading of The Graveyard Book. Check it out here:


I’ve made a couple more lenses about my degree years so if anyone’s interested in costume, or just early textiles work of mine they’re here:

Sample from Salome Sample from Salome

Samples from Sadko Samples from Sadko


Well, I'm off for a lovely walk in the sun with my mum and then it's back here to the sewing!

Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


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