Friday, June 26, 2009

Newsletter from June 19th:

Hi Everyone!

This week I started work on my altered umbrella for the month of April.

You can find out a lot more about it here:

I'm really excited about this piece and looking forward to working into it.

umbrella fabrics umbrella work in progress pics

I recently started spinning some of the fleece I was given in May. You can check on my progress in my recently updated lens here:

Check out this lady for some amazing mixed media work, including poem spoons!:

Melted Fabrics news is a little sparse at the moment because I have two deadlines, both at the end of June- one is a short story competition and the other is a Squidoo competition so I'm hard at work editing stories and lenses.

I do, however, plan to get a lot of sewing done next week, even if it's just the preliminary sewing of textiles. At some point I also want to start experimenting with making felt and textiles bags and I have a textiles bag idea that I'm just dying to make so keep your eyes peeled for those things!


I've got to disapear now and get ready to meet a someone about exhibiting my textiles in a local street market so stay happy and well and enjoy your weekend everyone!

Happy Crafting!


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