Friday, May 15, 2009

Newsletter from May 8th

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Hi Everyone!

This week has completely flown by!


On Sunday Melted Fabrics was featured on Autonomous Artisans:

This is a great blog with loads of tips for all you craft business people out there.


I’ve finished 2 lenses this week: -A Lens about my costume designs for William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Miranda -And a lens about the Swedish illustrator, John Bauer.


I’m now the proud owner of a loom! I have no idea how it goes together, how to use it or whether I even have all the right parts!

You can see it here, sat on top of all the fleece I now own and don't know what to do with!



My next plan of action is to start working on making a Melted Fabrics Calendar. has this great option for making your own calendars but they work out as more expensive than your average calendar so I’ve been looking at ways to make the calendar give a little more.
Instead of just sticking my images on each month I’m considering making a new project for every month and giving little tutorials or inspiration for your own craft projects.

I’ve only got a few simple ideas at the moment, along the lines of:

January- Janus- looking back and New Year’s Resolutions and adding text to textiles pieces. Possibly using paper etc.
February- Valentines- learn to love yourself, self-portraits? Ideas of symbolic self-portraits.
March- Spring, daffodils, seeds- seeds of ideas, bursting with inspirations- Muses- might work out well as some sort of art doll?
April- April showers- umbrellas and rubber boots. Making some kind of textiles parasol/umbrella or even making an art coat/jacket?
May- Maypoles and ribbons- weaving!
June- Summer and Juno- peacock feathers.
July- Independence days and fireworks.
August- Leo and Virgo- the lion and the maiden- perhaps an art doll?
September- back to school- learning , education, books, journals- art journals.
October- Halloween, pumpkins, some sort of costume or mask.
November- Thanksgiving, Turkeys.
December- Christmas, gifts, holidays, trees, advent, candy canes, gingerbread men, a sewn advent calendar- pockets for each day?

If anyone has any ideas of things they’d like to see or techniques they want to learn, please feel free to e-mail them to me.

I'm off to work out some fun Calendar projects, write up my creative journal, work on a couple of short stories and make a couple of lenses. It's going to be a busy day!


Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


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