Saturday, May 09, 2009

Newsletter from May 1st 2009

Hi Everyone!

These are the things I’ve been working on this week:

Starting my historical women series of textiles. I’m really pleased with the way the Queen Elizabeth I is coming along. My sewing machine is making the most horrible sound, but I just realised I need to oil it much more frequently than it suggests as I’m using it every day for extended periods of time. The poor thing was second hand in the 60s, so it’s hardly surprising. Hopefully my Bernina will be fixed soon and I can go back to using that one.

Queen Bess WIPMarie Antoinette WIP


Have I made any more lenses this week?

Why yes I have!

I’m now in a competition to see which team can make the most lenses on Squidoo so I expect they’ll be a few more than usual in the coming weeks. This is my lens about Versaillles- one of the most opulent and enormous places I’ve ever been to. Working on this lens is what inspired me to make the “Marie Antoinette” piece above. If you look through this lens you’ll see my ideas for a textiles book. This lens is about my Final Major Project for my Costume Degree. This is the project where I first started making cell structure-inspired textiles. This is a lens I started about a sweater I knitted for my partner out of wool I handspun myself which leads me neatly onto...

*********************************************************** A lens about my mother’s friend’s sheep that were sheared last Friday evening. Last night I washed the first fleece- what a huge job!

Picture 001

I've been researching natural dyes. Apparently I can make a yellow dye out of dandelion flowers and vinegar!


Hope you’re all healthy and happy.
See you again next Friday!

Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


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