Friday, May 22, 2009

Newsletter from May 15th:

Hi Everyone!

This week I produced a quick doodled design for an altered art umbrella/parasol that I want to make for the month of April on my Melted Fabrics calendar.

April Umbrella Doodle

And a quick idea for the layout, although I'd like to play around with some more dynamic ideas:

Quick Calendar layout idea


It’s been a week of French Knots on the textiles front:

French KnotsFrench Knots


My fleeces have finally started to dry so I've begun to card them into "rolags" ready for spinning or felting. I now have carding blisters! I also picked out some interesting bits of wool that I want to keep as it is.



I've revamped my lens for the Foundling CD and added some larger images of projects from the book, some of which I don't think I've ever posted online before, so if you haven't got the book go and have a look.


The only textiles based lens I've made since last week's newsletter is my Ceres Lens which is about a costume I produced for my degree course:

My other lenses include:

Two Fairytale Illustrators:

John Bauer:
I’ve just entered a competition to write a short story using one of John Bauer’s illustrations as a prompt. Read it here:

Edmund Dulac:

Two Novels:

Howl’s Moving Castle:
Magic Bites: (If you’re reading this, friend who lent me this book, I will send it back to you soon!)

One Film:

The Cell:

See you later! I've got fabrics to sew and stories to write.

Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


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