Saturday, May 09, 2009

Newsletter from April 24th 2009

Hi Everyone!

Just in case you’re wondering why I keep posting links to my Squidoo lenses- I’m using Squidoo as a platform to share much more information about my textiles than I could on my website. I hope you find them interesting and useful!

I finished The Garden of the Empress Lens that I mentioned last week. You can see it here:

More info can be found about my art dolls here:

Anyone interested in my cell structure textiles work will discover how I first started making those pieces by visiting my costume design lens for the Book of Revelation. Don’t worry, this is not a religious lens!


Tonight I’m going to watch my Mum’s friend’s pet sheep being shorn and the best part of the deal is that I get 4 fleeces! Maybe I’ll use one to make a mad Marie Antoinette-style wig!

If you like felting check out my Squidoo Lens for the Felt Sketchbook I made for the Melting and Felting CD Book. You can find out a lot more info than I gave on my website and probably some new stuff that isn’t mentioned in the book. Check it out here:

Felt Sketchbook


I was lucky enough to visit Versailles when I went to Paris last summer and (of course!) I’m working on a Versailles Squidoo lens. I was hunting around youtube and I found this amazing video of the Vogue photo shoot for Marie Antoinette:
I’ve not seen Marie Antoinette but it looks worth it just for the costume. I love the designers’ interpretations of Marie Antoinette’s dresses.

I’m putting the Summer and Winter Art Quilts, that I showed you last week, on hold at the moment whilst I make smaller pieces. I have to post some artwork overseas and I realised it would cost £40 to send 4 art quilts- and I have to pay for them to come back again too!

I thought I would design four pieces with women from different ages in them. I started doodling ideas down. I like the idea of picking key historical figures- but my history isn’t that great. As you can see from my doodle I picked Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth, Jane Austen and... bustle lady... um, like I said, I’m not good with history. I will research this better later- but I like the idea of emphasising the changing silhouettes. I have to remember that there were no puffy sleeves for Marie Antoinette and I haven’t designed the Jane Austen lady yet. I have some yellow/sepia coloured organza that would work really well to make these pieces look aged.

Historical Ladies Doodle

I’m in mourning for my favourite doodling biro. It just ran out so now I’ll have to hunt the house for a replacement. Find out more about my doodles and the textiles pieces I made from them here:

Apparently Melted Doodles is my top-ranked lens!


Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


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