Saturday, May 09, 2009

Newsletter from April 17th 2009:

Hi Everyone!

This week I've been working on making a new Summer and Winter Art Quilt:

Winter Quilt

Winter Art Quilt WIP

Summer Quilt

New Summer Art Quilt WIP

You can find progression photos of Summer's fabrics being layered upon my Melted Fabrics Facebook page here:


I made a few more textiles-based Squidoo Lenses. I hope these will give everyone a little more in-depth information that I can’t fit on my website!
Cell structure textiles is a lens where I’ve collected together a lot of the textiles I produced that were based on microscopic imagery. A lot of the first pieces I made when I left University in 2003 were abstract pieces based on cell structures.
This lens is a collection of the tarot art dolls I made a while back. I’m also in the process of making a lens about my other art dolls and figurines with a view to making more sometime soon.

Empress illustration
L’enfant et les sortileges is a childrens’ opera by Ravel. As part of my degree course I designed costumes for this and you can see them here as well as some of my textiles samples and the things that inspired me.



Coming soon:

Revelation Costume Designs- a lens about the costume designs and textiles I made for my degree final major project.
Melted Doodles- a lens about some of the doodles I’ve scribbled down on scraps of paper over the years and what those doodles have turned into.
Melted Dolls- a lens about my other art dolls.
The Garden of the Empress- a lens about my textiles sketchbook “The Garden of the Empress”- you can see her on my website here: On the lens there will be more details and more info about each page- how it was made and the inspiration behind it.

The Garden of the Empress


Late last night, whilst looking for content to add to my not-yet-published Squidoo Lens “The Garden of the Empress” I was looking through youtube for videos on altered books and journals and came across Suziblutube.

If you’re into painting/drawing/collage then you should enjoy Suzi’s videos. Find them all here:

I’m tempted to start my own journal. I thought I might take the pressure off and make one of these fun junk journals:


Enjoy your Weekend! I'm off to see if I can think of what to make out of this delightful skirt!

Interesting skirt...

Happy Crafting!


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