Saturday, May 09, 2009

Newsletter from April 10th 2009:

Hi Everyone!

This week I’ve made a few Squidoo Lenses that aren’t strictly related to my textiles work, but they’ve actually inspired me to design some new pieces.

I want to start making a selkie skin inspired textiles piece- if you don’t know what a selkie is then head over to my Squidoo lens to find out more and see some gorgeous images of the Hebrides, Shetland and more:

The Wood Wife by Terry Windling is one of my favourite books and whilst researching it I found some beautiful images of Tucson, Arizona and Saguaro cacti and wildlife of the Sonoron Desert. It reminded me a lot of my textiles piece Red Rabbit. Find out more at: More info added as I reread the book!

Sedna is an Inuit Goddess and I’ve been working on a few “digital doodles” for a Sedna-inspired piece. My "doodle" is the first image on the lens:

Keep an eye on my Squidoo profile to see upcoming new lenses about my Tarot-inspired art dolls and some of my initial drawings from over the years. I’ve had fun looking through a lot of my old journals and finding the doodles for different textiles pieces I’ve made and some that I never produced. The first ideas are often so full of life and I’ve found some fantastic old drawings that I might look back into again now that I know more about textiles and craft. One of my very early bag designs was a jellyfish bag with a light inside it!

Empress DoodleGoldfish


I will be updating my Links page this weekend and making it more prominent on my website. If you have a craft-related website and would like to swap links please send me an e-mail at


There are new products in my Zazzle store- some more prints, shoes and t-shirts:

Spring shoes on Zazzle

Foundling Baby t-shirt on Zazzle

You can also find out more about my Zazzle store here:

More info coming soon!


I finally got my hands on an adjustable dressform so maybe there will be some art-to-wear appearing at Melted Fabrics soon!

Here she is modelling the Felted Wrap from Melting and Felting.

Felt Wrap on Dress Form


Remember the Sun doll from last week? I will be adding more info about her to my Recycling lens this weekend:


Hope you're enjoying your Holiday Weekend!

Happy Crafting!


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