Friday, May 29, 2009

Newsletter from May 22

Hi Everyone!

Melted Calendar

I’ve made a lens for my Melted Fabrics Calendar. Check out my idea for it here:

Jan DoodleDecember doodle

Above: A couple of doodles for the calendar. I can't wait to get started on the Resolutions and the April altered umbrella which I showed you last week.

Historical Costume Pieces

I’ve made lens so you can follow the progress of the four historical costume pieces I’m working on. Check them out here:

Here are a couple of shots of Queen Bess in progress:

Bess in ProgressBess in Progress


Melted Fabrics on Youtube

I recently learnt how to make simple videos. You can see a couple at the link above. One video is a fairly simple slideshow and the other features some close-up video taken of my Roots and Wildwoman pieces so you can get a better idea of the textures than the simple photos give you.

I’m hoping to make a time-lapse movie soon of layering a textiles piece and hopefully some other exciting stuff too.


Textiles Wrap Booklet

I’ve also revamped the lens I made for the textiles wrap booklet. Check that out here for more info:


Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Newsletter from May 15th:

Hi Everyone!

This week I produced a quick doodled design for an altered art umbrella/parasol that I want to make for the month of April on my Melted Fabrics calendar.

April Umbrella Doodle

And a quick idea for the layout, although I'd like to play around with some more dynamic ideas:

Quick Calendar layout idea


It’s been a week of French Knots on the textiles front:

French KnotsFrench Knots


My fleeces have finally started to dry so I've begun to card them into "rolags" ready for spinning or felting. I now have carding blisters! I also picked out some interesting bits of wool that I want to keep as it is.



I've revamped my lens for the Foundling CD and added some larger images of projects from the book, some of which I don't think I've ever posted online before, so if you haven't got the book go and have a look.


The only textiles based lens I've made since last week's newsletter is my Ceres Lens which is about a costume I produced for my degree course:

My other lenses include:

Two Fairytale Illustrators:

John Bauer:
I’ve just entered a competition to write a short story using one of John Bauer’s illustrations as a prompt. Read it here:

Edmund Dulac:

Two Novels:

Howl’s Moving Castle:
Magic Bites: (If you’re reading this, friend who lent me this book, I will send it back to you soon!)

One Film:

The Cell:

See you later! I've got fabrics to sew and stories to write.

Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheese graters are where it's at right now! See the textiles I'm currently working on here: Historical Women

Friday, May 15, 2009

Newsletter from May 8th

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Hi Everyone!

This week has completely flown by!


On Sunday Melted Fabrics was featured on Autonomous Artisans:

This is a great blog with loads of tips for all you craft business people out there.


I’ve finished 2 lenses this week: -A Lens about my costume designs for William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Miranda -And a lens about the Swedish illustrator, John Bauer.


I’m now the proud owner of a loom! I have no idea how it goes together, how to use it or whether I even have all the right parts!

You can see it here, sat on top of all the fleece I now own and don't know what to do with!



My next plan of action is to start working on making a Melted Fabrics Calendar. has this great option for making your own calendars but they work out as more expensive than your average calendar so I’ve been looking at ways to make the calendar give a little more.
Instead of just sticking my images on each month I’m considering making a new project for every month and giving little tutorials or inspiration for your own craft projects.

I’ve only got a few simple ideas at the moment, along the lines of:

January- Janus- looking back and New Year’s Resolutions and adding text to textiles pieces. Possibly using paper etc.
February- Valentines- learn to love yourself, self-portraits? Ideas of symbolic self-portraits.
March- Spring, daffodils, seeds- seeds of ideas, bursting with inspirations- Muses- might work out well as some sort of art doll?
April- April showers- umbrellas and rubber boots. Making some kind of textiles parasol/umbrella or even making an art coat/jacket?
May- Maypoles and ribbons- weaving!
June- Summer and Juno- peacock feathers.
July- Independence days and fireworks.
August- Leo and Virgo- the lion and the maiden- perhaps an art doll?
September- back to school- learning , education, books, journals- art journals.
October- Halloween, pumpkins, some sort of costume or mask.
November- Thanksgiving, Turkeys.
December- Christmas, gifts, holidays, trees, advent, candy canes, gingerbread men, a sewn advent calendar- pockets for each day?

If anyone has any ideas of things they’d like to see or techniques they want to learn, please feel free to e-mail them to me.

I'm off to work out some fun Calendar projects, write up my creative journal, work on a couple of short stories and make a couple of lenses. It's going to be a busy day!


Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Newsletter from May 1st 2009

Hi Everyone!

These are the things I’ve been working on this week:

Starting my historical women series of textiles. I’m really pleased with the way the Queen Elizabeth I is coming along. My sewing machine is making the most horrible sound, but I just realised I need to oil it much more frequently than it suggests as I’m using it every day for extended periods of time. The poor thing was second hand in the 60s, so it’s hardly surprising. Hopefully my Bernina will be fixed soon and I can go back to using that one.

Queen Bess WIPMarie Antoinette WIP


Have I made any more lenses this week?

Why yes I have!

I’m now in a competition to see which team can make the most lenses on Squidoo so I expect they’ll be a few more than usual in the coming weeks. This is my lens about Versaillles- one of the most opulent and enormous places I’ve ever been to. Working on this lens is what inspired me to make the “Marie Antoinette” piece above. If you look through this lens you’ll see my ideas for a textiles book. This lens is about my Final Major Project for my Costume Degree. This is the project where I first started making cell structure-inspired textiles. This is a lens I started about a sweater I knitted for my partner out of wool I handspun myself which leads me neatly onto...

*********************************************************** A lens about my mother’s friend’s sheep that were sheared last Friday evening. Last night I washed the first fleece- what a huge job!

Picture 001

I've been researching natural dyes. Apparently I can make a yellow dye out of dandelion flowers and vinegar!


Hope you’re all healthy and happy.
See you again next Friday!

Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


Newsletter from April 24th 2009

Hi Everyone!

Just in case you’re wondering why I keep posting links to my Squidoo lenses- I’m using Squidoo as a platform to share much more information about my textiles than I could on my website. I hope you find them interesting and useful!

I finished The Garden of the Empress Lens that I mentioned last week. You can see it here:

More info can be found about my art dolls here:

Anyone interested in my cell structure textiles work will discover how I first started making those pieces by visiting my costume design lens for the Book of Revelation. Don’t worry, this is not a religious lens!


Tonight I’m going to watch my Mum’s friend’s pet sheep being shorn and the best part of the deal is that I get 4 fleeces! Maybe I’ll use one to make a mad Marie Antoinette-style wig!

If you like felting check out my Squidoo Lens for the Felt Sketchbook I made for the Melting and Felting CD Book. You can find out a lot more info than I gave on my website and probably some new stuff that isn’t mentioned in the book. Check it out here:

Felt Sketchbook


I was lucky enough to visit Versailles when I went to Paris last summer and (of course!) I’m working on a Versailles Squidoo lens. I was hunting around youtube and I found this amazing video of the Vogue photo shoot for Marie Antoinette:
I’ve not seen Marie Antoinette but it looks worth it just for the costume. I love the designers’ interpretations of Marie Antoinette’s dresses.

I’m putting the Summer and Winter Art Quilts, that I showed you last week, on hold at the moment whilst I make smaller pieces. I have to post some artwork overseas and I realised it would cost £40 to send 4 art quilts- and I have to pay for them to come back again too!

I thought I would design four pieces with women from different ages in them. I started doodling ideas down. I like the idea of picking key historical figures- but my history isn’t that great. As you can see from my doodle I picked Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth, Jane Austen and... bustle lady... um, like I said, I’m not good with history. I will research this better later- but I like the idea of emphasising the changing silhouettes. I have to remember that there were no puffy sleeves for Marie Antoinette and I haven’t designed the Jane Austen lady yet. I have some yellow/sepia coloured organza that would work really well to make these pieces look aged.

Historical Ladies Doodle

I’m in mourning for my favourite doodling biro. It just ran out so now I’ll have to hunt the house for a replacement. Find out more about my doodles and the textiles pieces I made from them here:

Apparently Melted Doodles is my top-ranked lens!


Wishing you a creative weekend!

Happy Crafting!


Newsletter from April 17th 2009:

Hi Everyone!

This week I've been working on making a new Summer and Winter Art Quilt:

Winter Quilt

Winter Art Quilt WIP

Summer Quilt

New Summer Art Quilt WIP

You can find progression photos of Summer's fabrics being layered upon my Melted Fabrics Facebook page here:


I made a few more textiles-based Squidoo Lenses. I hope these will give everyone a little more in-depth information that I can’t fit on my website!
Cell structure textiles is a lens where I’ve collected together a lot of the textiles I produced that were based on microscopic imagery. A lot of the first pieces I made when I left University in 2003 were abstract pieces based on cell structures.
This lens is a collection of the tarot art dolls I made a while back. I’m also in the process of making a lens about my other art dolls and figurines with a view to making more sometime soon.

Empress illustration
L’enfant et les sortileges is a childrens’ opera by Ravel. As part of my degree course I designed costumes for this and you can see them here as well as some of my textiles samples and the things that inspired me.



Coming soon:

Revelation Costume Designs- a lens about the costume designs and textiles I made for my degree final major project.
Melted Doodles- a lens about some of the doodles I’ve scribbled down on scraps of paper over the years and what those doodles have turned into.
Melted Dolls- a lens about my other art dolls.
The Garden of the Empress- a lens about my textiles sketchbook “The Garden of the Empress”- you can see her on my website here: On the lens there will be more details and more info about each page- how it was made and the inspiration behind it.

The Garden of the Empress


Late last night, whilst looking for content to add to my not-yet-published Squidoo Lens “The Garden of the Empress” I was looking through youtube for videos on altered books and journals and came across Suziblutube.

If you’re into painting/drawing/collage then you should enjoy Suzi’s videos. Find them all here:

I’m tempted to start my own journal. I thought I might take the pressure off and make one of these fun junk journals:


Enjoy your Weekend! I'm off to see if I can think of what to make out of this delightful skirt!

Interesting skirt...

Happy Crafting!


Newsletter from April 10th 2009:

Hi Everyone!

This week I’ve made a few Squidoo Lenses that aren’t strictly related to my textiles work, but they’ve actually inspired me to design some new pieces.

I want to start making a selkie skin inspired textiles piece- if you don’t know what a selkie is then head over to my Squidoo lens to find out more and see some gorgeous images of the Hebrides, Shetland and more:

The Wood Wife by Terry Windling is one of my favourite books and whilst researching it I found some beautiful images of Tucson, Arizona and Saguaro cacti and wildlife of the Sonoron Desert. It reminded me a lot of my textiles piece Red Rabbit. Find out more at: More info added as I reread the book!

Sedna is an Inuit Goddess and I’ve been working on a few “digital doodles” for a Sedna-inspired piece. My "doodle" is the first image on the lens:

Keep an eye on my Squidoo profile to see upcoming new lenses about my Tarot-inspired art dolls and some of my initial drawings from over the years. I’ve had fun looking through a lot of my old journals and finding the doodles for different textiles pieces I’ve made and some that I never produced. The first ideas are often so full of life and I’ve found some fantastic old drawings that I might look back into again now that I know more about textiles and craft. One of my very early bag designs was a jellyfish bag with a light inside it!

Empress DoodleGoldfish


I will be updating my Links page this weekend and making it more prominent on my website. If you have a craft-related website and would like to swap links please send me an e-mail at


There are new products in my Zazzle store- some more prints, shoes and t-shirts:

Spring shoes on Zazzle

Foundling Baby t-shirt on Zazzle

You can also find out more about my Zazzle store here:

More info coming soon!


I finally got my hands on an adjustable dressform so maybe there will be some art-to-wear appearing at Melted Fabrics soon!

Here she is modelling the Felted Wrap from Melting and Felting.

Felt Wrap on Dress Form


Remember the Sun doll from last week? I will be adding more info about her to my Recycling lens this weekend:


Hope you're enjoying your Holiday Weekend!

Happy Crafting!


I thought I'd start archiving all of my newsletters here, a week after I've posted them out so anyone can see them.

Here's the newsletter from April 3rd 2009:

Hi Everyone!

This week...

...I added a page to my website for the textiles art kits I sell on Etsy and now Artfire:
More kits added soon- I have a shelf full of them!

On this page you’ll find textiles pieces made from my kits.

If you’ve used one of my kits and would like to have your textiles shown on this page with a link to your craft-related website then please send me your images and info. This offer is open to anyone who buys a kit in the future.

Melted Fabrics Textiles Art Kit


...I’ve been going nuts on Squidoo! I made these new lenses about my textiles:

These two lenses are about books I’m currently working on:

Recycling Book Cover

Creative Journal Cover

Please drop by and leave a comment. I’ll constantly be adding to them all. At the moment I’m working on the Recycling book, so expect to see some example projects and excerpts from it soon.


...I reworked my Cafepress store. I’ve added new images and products to it. Check it out here:

Bluebirds and Baby Mug!!


...I also opened a Zazzle store so you can now get Melted Fabrics Prints- more coming soon and these Red Rabbit shoes!

Pair of zazzle shoes


I fell in love with these stores on etsy: –gorgeous prints of little girls –hats and fascinators –dolls and other stitched bits

Have a great weekend!

I’m off to add some kits etc to etsy and work on fixing my Sun Figurine which may involve recycling a Barbie!


Happy Crafting!