Friday, April 03, 2009

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all well and had a great week.

How to Make a Textiles Wrap is now available from my website.
It’s £8 and 100 pages of textiles and printable.
You can also download the e-book version from my Lulu store.
The downloadable book is £6.25.
Remember, if you haven’t already bought the £30 bundle of Melted Fabrics CDs, buy it this month and you’ll get How to Make a Textiles Wrap for free. Offer ends 30th April 2009.

How to Make a Textiles Wrap

(Clicking on the pictures takes you a larger image on my Flickr account)

You can see my finished wrap here.

Textiles Wrap

This is what other people are saying about my textile wrap on livejournal.


I’ve uploaded all of my books onto my Lulu store so you can now get them all from there without having to wait for me to trundle down to the post office to send them to you!
There are also previews of each book which gives you a look at the first 11 pages.


This week I’ve been working on making some lenses on Squidoo for my website and the Foundling Sketchbook.
Please drop by and say hello!

The Foundling page has particularly been fun for me to add content too. There was a lot of research and information that I couldn’t add to my book but here you can see better where some of my ideas came from. This lens is for people who bought the book, as well as people who haven’t.
I’ve added links to books I used in my research, links to artists who inspired me and some of the images that I used for the book. This page is just the start- I hope to add more content soon. It’s even given me inspiration for further textiles to work on.

The lens I made for my website includes a look at some photos of my very early melted fabrics work.

Sea AngelRed Dragon

If you’re thinking about starting a handmade business have a look at this lens by Noadi.

Why not start your own lens whilst you’re there?


A few whimsical etsy sellers from my Favourites Beautiful Faerie wings Stunning shrugs for weddings Prints of amazing paintings

Last weekend I found the Etsy channel on Youtube and watched my way through the Handmade Portraits: See craftspeople in their natural habitats!


Have a wonderful weekend! I'm off to work on my novel with my crit partner and catch up on my Creative Journal (coming out in October).

Happy Crafting!


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